Start your weekend right with Method by StéLouse

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Recently I got back into listening to StéLouse. All that did was make me angry at myself for ever taking a break from his music.  He consistently puts out new music that doesn’t get stale track to track, and Method is no different.

Coming in with a little jazz (soft j) flute, the dude gets you vibing along to the track instantly.  Throw some claps in front with a slow build in the back, and all of a sudden you’re in a future bass drop. Tons of samples, including my favorite, busy signal on a telephone.  This follows the big comeback that the flute’s been making recently with Mask Off. If you’re a fan of that or just like future bass in general, you’ll have a good 3:25 with this track. Grab the track for a free download below, and have a great weekend.

Method – StéLouse  Free Download

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